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On Tuesday 15th November, as a class we visited the ‘ExCel’ London. They had an event on run by UCAS, this was called ‘Design your future’. Inside the Excel Centre, was a large range of different Universities, who all had a stall where you could visit them, and talk to lecturers and students about the University and see what different courses and opportunities they had.

I found this trip very useful as there were many universities there of whom I hadn’t heard of before, so it was a good opportunity to talk to the experts and see what the uni was like and what their courses had to offer.

I have bought home a wide range of prospectuses from the different universities so that I can continue my research into this from home.

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Here is my final piece for my first project of the second year.

Our theme for this project was ‘ Of Gods and Men ‘ and I decided to make a short film about who influences young people.


Unit 9 Of Gods and Men project

Who influences you? 

Overall, I am pleased with my end product.

I have only ever made videos before as a hobby, but I thought to extend my portfolio and to show what I can do, I thought I should make a short film.

To create my film I used two different Adobe programmes. I have used Adobe Premiere pro to create the main base of my film.

I started off with listening to the music with no video clips along side, and adding in small green markers by clicking the button ‘m’ to make small marks on the Premiere Pro timeline so I knew  when the beat changed on the song, (shown below).


My reason for doing this, was for when I imported all of my video clips, I would know when would be a good time to change the clips in the film so that it all flowed together well.

After I had done this, I imported all of my clips into Premiere Pro and began to insert them onto the timeline. I cropped all the videos to parts that I wanted to show in my film, and started to slot them in.

I had a lot of clips to go through as I imported all of the takes into my Adobe project. My reason for this was because I wanted to keep my video informative, but also didn’t want it to be too formal and come across as boring to the younger generations.

My target audience was predominantly males and females, aged between 16-30. My reason for this being because It is quite an informative video and would appeal to people who are younger more than to people who are aged 30 plus. My reason for this is because I think that as all of the interviewees are aged between 16-18, therefore it will be more appealing to younger people.

Editing my final piece did take me longer than I expected, but because I finished a lot of my pre-production paper work and my filming earlier than I expected, It wasn’t a problem.

I edited my whole film on Adobe Premiere Pro, and once I had edited all my clips together, I then exported my film and imported it into Adobe After Effects. Once I had imported my film into After Effects, I began to add my text in. I chose to stick to ‘Helvetica’ text as this is the text I have consistently used throughout my project.

During my last 15 seconds of my film, I have lots of snippets of people using adjectives to describe their influential person. As these words stick out and have a large impact on the feel of the film, I decided to add in some text to pop up when they say these words. I did this all on After Effects, and used the ‘typewriter’ effect. I thought I would use this effect as it is modern and looks effective with these adjectives.

This below image, is where I am moving the key frames into the correct place. These key frames contain the text which I am adding onto my video and by moving these across, it will make sure that they pop up on the screen at the correct time.



Overall, I think that I did manage my time well, as I managed to have all of my work completed the day before the deadline.

The reason that my film did take longer to edit was because it took me a while to get use to Premiere Pro again, and to perfect my video.

I am glad that I have now got to use After Effects, as this has widened my range of programmes I can use which will help me in the future with University and future careers.

The part of this project that I enjoyed the most was getting the range of different film types.

From the drone shot, the Bokeh shot and the Interview shots. All of these were new to me, so I really enjoyed trying something new and going out of my comfort zone.

I was really glad that my Bokeh shot worked, as I had never done anything like it before, so I was quite open minded when beginning to film this, as I wasn’t too sure whether it was going to work or not.


I set up my DSLR Canon 100D Camera on the side of the road on my Joby Gorilla Pod. I used my shorter tripod as I wanted the camera to be close to the ground so it was level with the headlights. bokeh

The way that I did this was setting my camera onto manual focus, and then twisting the focus ring so that the lens was out of focus and the lights looked large and bright.

After I had filmed this, I then went onto filming with a DJI Phantom 3 Drone.

I used this as well as using the still shots as it widened my range of shots and made the video more interesting as it isn’t something you see everyday in small independent films.


As I am quite creative, my favourite part was all of the filming and editing, whereas my least favourite part was was trying to make sure I had all the correct paper work done.

My reason for this is because I enjoy being on the computer and editing my work and footage that i have collected.

I really like the way that I have a range of different camera angles in my video and different kind of effects. I like this because It makes the video seem more fun and more appealing to the target audience.

One thing that I don’t like is the length of my film. As the studio was only available for a limited time, I wasn’t able to get as much footage as I wanted. Something else that stood in the way of this was the amount of people I physically had to actually interview. I used everyone but two people in my class for my interviews, as some people were not comfortable to be in front of the camera,

Unfortunately because I had all my lighting and everything set up in the college studio, all my footage had to be filmed during college.

If I was to do this again, I would make more of an effort to get extra visitors into the college to use for any interviews that I was doing, and see if I could use people from another class so that I can extend the amount of footage that I have and therefore create a longer film. Another thing that I would do again would be to make sure that I white balance my film clips correctly.

I ended my film on a clip of passing cars in Bokeh style. I did this so that the film slowly ends with the same relaxing feel that the rest of the film has rather than ending it straight away.

My begining scene is a drone scene, this is because it will attract the viewers attention straight away as it is interesting and different.


My main focus of my current project is interviews.

I have set up the college studio with a black backdrop and large spotlight lighting to create a professional looking set ready to film for my short film.

I have chosen to have a black backdrop as I think that It will make my film look more professional and my look for the whole film will be consistent, as I will film everyone with everything in the same position so it looks professional.

I filmed everything on my Canon 100D with my 18-55mm lens.


I have continued filming for my current college project, and I thought that If I get a range of different camera shots and use different equipment I will be able to project to my audience what I can do and to make my short film look more professional.

I have used my friends ‘DJI Phantom 3’ drone to get some more video footage I can use for my film.

As most of my film is filmed in a dark studio and dark environment, I thought it would be best to film using the drone at night time. I flew the drone over a busy city centre to capture the lights and the moving traffic from a bird’s eye view.

I gathered all the footage together after I had filmed what I wanted and chose which bits I would like for my short film. I chose two short snippets which I have cut together to create my opening scene.

As our current topic is ‘Of Gods and Men’ I thought that having the drone footage filmed from above would represent this well.


I frequently watch Youtube vloggers daily videos and see that they do a type of out of focus lighting video. I have always thought that this is really effective and wanted to have a go at it myself.

I searched online what this type of style of filming is called and I found it is called ‘BOKEH’.


  1. the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.”

I waited until it was the evening and began trying to film in this ‘Bokeh’ style. For this, I used my Canon 100D camera with an 18-55mm lens.

I set up my camera on my ‘Gorilla Pod’ and set the camera to manual focus. I then made sure that the camera was actually out of focus and the lights in the camera view appeared as bright coloured circles. I set my camera up on the side of a busy road and left it for around 5 minutes to get as much footage as I can.

The footage actually came out looking better than I expected and I have now used It for my end scene of my ‘Of Gods and Men’ video I am creating.

Now that I know how to create this style video I will definitely be using it again.


On Saturday 15th October 2016 I attended Nottingham Trent University Open day, I had a look around the University and I loved everything about it. There were a couple of courses I had an interest in at the Uni, but I was only able to attend one.

The talk I went to was for a BA HONS Graphic Design course. The course seemed really interesting and sounded just like something I would love to get involved In and study.As I am studying Digital Media Production, this course links in quite well.

I also had a look around the range of accommodations so that I would have an idea what accommodation I would like to aim for my first year if I was able to get a place on the course.

I had a look around the main part of the city and loved the buzz of Nottingham. Everywhere was busy and everyone had a smile on their faces.

I am now starting my personal statement, ready to upload onto UCAS to hopefully take my application further. I am also working on images and small projects to expand my portfolio  ready for potential interviews.



On Tuesday 11th October 2016, as a class we visited ‘The Hat Factory’ in Luton to attend the ‘Making Film Work In Luton’ conference.

We were lucky enough to have talks from many influential people who are successful in the Media industry.

We had talks from Mark Reid, who is the Head of Education for the British Film Industry (BFI). Mark showed us a range of different clips from many different film makers, and how the involved weather in their clips and how they made it work.

We also had a talk from John Peto, who worked at ‘The Nerve Centre’ in Northen Ireland. John showed us a video which was produced this group, which was about to Irish girls who were both members of rival religions, and how they thought everyone should be brought back together again. The film was very interesting and had a good story to it. The film got lots of media attention when it was released as it was such a meaningful story.

Lastly, we had a talk from Dominique Unsworth from Resource Productions based in Slough. Dominique showed us a range of videos which were produced by the company and showed us what the company does.

Overall I enjoyed this talk as I believe that it has shown me what the possibilities are when you are in the Media Industry. I think it was beneficial as I now have more of an open mind towards what kind of job I could go into within the industry.


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